Friday, September 23, 2005

Taping Windows for Rita

Weather check first... it has just started to rain a little. There are very strong gusts of wind. The temperature has dropped at least ten degrees.
The sky is a uniform gray with darker gray cottony clouds moving quickly at low altitude. The sun will set in about 30 minutes. You can still see a bright glow to the gray toward the west but it is getting dark quick.

I was walking out in the parking lot here. You could feel the heat coming up from the black pavement in between the cool wind bursts. It almost seemed like the raindrops should be sizzling when they hit it.

Now to window taping...
I have always held that I would rather sweep up shards of broken glass than scrape tape off of the windows. Personally I don't think the tape does anything. I have been noticing how some people have taped their windows. One apartment in this complex taped, "ITS A MYTH" along with traditional X's. I'm guessing that he meant that taping the windows is a myth.: I would say more of a superstition.

For those who have never seen it, taping the windows is sticking tape - usually masking tape - from corner to corner across the inside of the glass. The purpose is to keep away evil spirits and - some believe - to keep the glass from breaking.

I have seen many styles of taping. Some people run the tape in straight lines up and down as well as X's. Some people use big X's across the whole window and others use many small x's.
On garage windows near here they start one one end of the house across the entire window then get smaller and smaller so at the last window it is just a six inch x in the middle of 18 inch glass. We speculated either than ran out of tape or they had a teenager doind the job.

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