Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita Houston Traffic

I'm staying in the uptown area of Houston so the traffic does not concern me anymore but it is fascinating to watch.
The traffic jams are beginning to clear. South of Houston - I45 from Galveston and 146 from my house are just about clear. They say that 90 percent of Galveston county is evacuated. It would be a good day to go to the beach.

North and west of Houston is a different story. On I45 going north to Dallas they are still reporting slow traffic for 100 miles! They have opened the "contraflow" lanes, in other words reversing the south-bound lanes to go north, to help speed the cars along.
The same thing is happening along I10 to San Antonio and 290 to Austin.
I just saw an interview with some refugees at a gas station just west of Houston in Katy. They said they left Galveston yesterday at 4:00 PM. It had taken them about 20 hours just to get through Houston.

Another problem is people running out of gas along the roads. News is reporting that there are state police bringing fuel out to the cars in need. The gas stations along the main routes are also running out. Supposedly the state is coming up with some emergency supplies. Here in town there a few gas stations open. Those with gas have long lines. Jeremy and I both have gas in our tanks.

Robert has adapted well. Jeremy's cats are locked in the bedroom. Robert is sitting quietly behind the stereo wall unit thingy. He comes out to eat occasionally.


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