Wednesday, September 21, 2005

On my way here...

At one point I thought I came upon an accident. Traffic was moving swiftly along loop 610 then it all suddenly slowed and stopped. I could see flashing lights ahead and traffic was a standstill. We sat for a few minutes.
Just as quickly as we stopped, everyone started moving again. Six lanes of traffic accelerating like a light turned green or something. As we came over the next rise I could see the cause of the delay. There was an official motorcade in front of us with police escorts. "What in tar-nation!" I exclaimed to Robert. (That may not have been my exact words.)
Someone must be very important to shut down a major highway with traffic as it is today.
Shortly, I realized that it wasn't so bad for me. I was about five cars back from the VIP's. Their formation was: two cop cars in the lead, about a half mile away - then a tight string of six official vehicles - then two cop cars behind. There was a flock of a dozen or so motorcycle cops buzzing around them.
The motorcycles would zip ahead to block the on-ramps to clear the road. Since I was in the first pack of cars behind them, the road was still clear for us. Very nice! Cruised around town at 65 miles per hour with a police escort. When they finally exited I was almost to my destination.
I have not turned on the tv yet to find out who was in the traffic-stopping motorcade.


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