Wednesday, September 21, 2005

At my refuge

I made it to Jeremy'swithout incident. It took about three hours to go 52 miles. The Mapquest route says it is 41 miles and should take 48 minutes. I stayed off the main highways, they are barely moving at all.
I made pretty good time compared to what people are facing now. Radio says to expect it to take five hours from Galveston to Houston. About 40 miles.
Now I know what it looks like when everybody decides to go for a drive at the same time.
Last night someone told me that they expected it to take 24 hours to get to Dallas - about 250 miles. At the time, I thought they were exagerating. Now, I think they may be correct.

I did not see any accidents. People were being very polite - yielding to last minute lane-changers and all. I guess people realize that traffic anger will only make things worse.


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