Friday, September 23, 2005

Cat Sensing Rita?

I don't know if Robert is showing his sixth sense or just getting bored with apartment life. Whatever it is, he has become a category 5 pain in the ass.
About four oclock this morning he started pacing, crying and attacking me on the couch. It is very unusual for him to meow. He doesn't normally make noise unless you step on his tail. (*this reminds me of a story)
He would wake me up and walk away. I followed him to the kitchen and fed him - he already had food. That kept him quiet for a few minutes but then he was at it agaun.
If I sat up he would sit there quietly but as soon as I fell back to sleep he would start bothering me again. This went on until the sun came up after 7. He's still pacing around - just won't sit still.
A slight breeze started and the lights in the parking lot made shadows jumping around on the wall. Even sitting on my lap, he would stare at the shadows and stand ready to pounce.
This morning the sky is brushed with high clouds and there is a breeze. It is a bit cooler than yesterday. Quite nice.

There are certainly signs of an impending hurricane. For example, it's all that's been on the television for the past two days.
I went by the Walgreens this morning at about 5 before nine. The parking lot was full and there were at least 100 people waiting for it to open.

So far so good.


At 9/23/2005 08:11:00 AM, Blogger Prospector said...

** The cat meowing and staring at me for no apparent reason reminded me of the story about the cat-to-english translator...

Scientists finally developed a translator using advanced technology to convert cat meows to standard English.
On there first test the scintists were standing around making final adjustments. Clipboards at the ready to take down the first momentous words from a cat. Finally they can begin to understand the thought process of cats. They hold the microphone up to the cat and he starts to meow. The English translation comes from the speakers,"Hey! Heeey! Hey! Hey!"


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