Saturday, September 24, 2005

Houston Rita Good Morning

Survived. No probelms. We had rain, sometimes heavy, and bursts of wind but nothing really scary. I would have slept through most of it except Robert made sure that I woke up every hour or so. He was pacing and crying. He would sit and stare out the window then run and hide when a blast of rain came toward him.
It is drizzling rain and windy now so I have not been out very far. Near here there is not much damage. There are leaves and small branches down on the streets but I have not seen any big trees down. There is some traffic.

The mayor of Houston has asked people not to return. There may be more rain, there is still alot of power out, no stores will be open, and there is no gasoline.
However, the mayors of Friendswood and Texas City have said it is okay to return home. Texas City is very near my home. I will consider going home later today after I make sure the power is on at my house. I do not want to get stuck in traffic of the returning hordes.


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