Saturday, August 06, 2005

Origami Food

In an effort to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables the U.S. Agricultural Research Service is studying how to turn the foods into palatable paper. What a delicious idea !
No really, it's not so much like paper as it is like seaweed.
My mouth is really watering now.

Coming Soon—Broccoli and Peach 'Seaweeds'

Janet Raloff

These new thin vegetable and fruit films can be laced with spices or fortified with vitamins and other beneficial plant-derived compounds. ...explains team leader Tara McHugh, a food scientist with the U.S. Agricultural Research Service...

Origami Foods, which is partnering with McHugh's team in the development of these new films, has an additional goal. It's to bring Japanese-style cuisine to palates that don't find traditional nori products appealing, explains company president, Matthew de Bord.

Food for Thought: Coming Soon—Broccoli and Peach 'Seaweeds', Science News Online, Aug. 6, 2005


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