Thursday, July 28, 2005

Feel the music

Nick Constantinou's Tremor tactile music sleeve is a piece of clubwear that allows the user to "feel" the music that is being played in the club.
The sleeve works by listening to the music through a tiny microphone and filtering the frequencies into bass, middle and treble. 5 miniature vibration motors housed within the sleeve react to these frequencies. The vibrations can be customised using the 3 buttons on the palm of the hand. They are ergonomically positioned to allow them to be pressed by the same fingers on that hand.

The overall feeling of the sleeve is a tingling sensation that runs up and down the arm. The experience is enhanced if a sleeve is worn on both arms. According to the industrial design engineer, this technology could be applied to other pieces of clothing and there is also the potential that it can enhance the musical experience for those with hearing difficulties.

we make money not art: Tremor - Feel the music


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