Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cellphone Jamming Crime

A guy in Lynn, Mass. was arrested for the robbery of a CVS pharmacy. Later, a cellphone jamming device was found nearby. The police believe that the guy set up the jammer so no one could call the police on their cell phone while he was robbing the store.
The online article in the Essex County Daily news says that it has been illegal for years for someone to jam cell phones. They ask why it is not an additional charge to jam cell phones for purposes of commiting a crime. So far, they say, there is no law for that.

I am curious if it is against the law to cut telephone land wires?
Probably: vandalism and destruction of property. However, cutting the phone lines is the first step in any Hollywood movie before breaking into a building or murdering someone alone in their home at night.
Is there a special law that makes it a worse crime to cut phone lines for the commision of a crime? I don't know.

Cellphone jammers create a new category of crime


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