Friday, October 14, 2005

Toyota Engineers Air-Scrubbing Shrubbery

Toyota Engineers...a Shrub

Toyota Motor Corp has developed a derivative of the Cherry Sage shrub that is optimized for absorbing pollutants from the air.

The new Kirsch Pink plant is reportedly 1.3 times more effective at absorbing NOx, SO2 and other air pollutants than its parent stock, the Cherry Sage. Toyota is targeting first-year sales of Kirsch Pink at 10,000 plants, priced at ¥380 (US$3.34) each.

The new plant, which flowers between May and November, also diminishes the urban heat-island effect 1.3 times more effectively than the Cherry Sage, according to the company.

The Kirsch Pink is the work of Toyota Roof Garden, established in 2001 as one of the businesses in Toyota’s Biotechnology and Afforestation portfolio.

Toyota sees a linkage between the automotive industry and the biotechnology industries in that both are aiming to achieve a sustainable society.
Toyota focused on aspects of agricultural biotech for three reasons:

1.An increase in world population, mainly in Asia.
2.An increase in the amount of food consumption per person due to a rise in the income level.
3.A decrease in farm and forest areas due to industrialization and urbanization, and food and water shortages due to an increase in water consumption and worsening of the global environment.

Green Car Congress: Toyota Engineers...a Shrub

Japan Times Online


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