Monday, May 30, 2005

Study Finds Life of Online News: 36 Hours

For the relation we have with “today’s newspaper,” or verbal jazz, is the same that people feel for fashions. Fashion is not a way of being informed or aware, but a way of being with it. --Marshall McLuhan

Life is short in online news
Philip Ball
How long did it take you to find this story?

A team of scientists from Hungary and the United States has found that the majority of online news items have a lifetime of just 36 hours. As reporters have always suspected, yesterday's news is stale, and the day before's news is invisible.

Zoltan Dezso of the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and colleagues came up with the figure from an analysis of hits on Origo, Hungary's main online news and entertainment portal. They think it probably applies not only to other online news portals, such as this one, but also to other websites on which new items are posted regularly, such as online markets.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame: The Dynamics of Information Access on the Web
Z. Dezs˝o1, E. Almaas1, A. Luk´acs2, B. R´acz2, I. Szakad´at3, A.-L. Barab´asi

Study Finds Life of Online News: 36 Hours


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