Friday, May 20, 2005

Toilets in the news

Vienna U. to Produce 'Toilet With Brains'
IENNA, Austria - They size you up, offer you a hand, raise and lower the seat and flush when you're finished. Researchers at Vienna's Technical University said Thursday they have begun production on what they've dubbed a "toilet with brains" — a high-tech commode designed to help multiple sclerosis patients and other disabled or elderly people.
Scientists are refining two versions: one that uses "smart cards" and another that does the same using voice-recognition technology.

Vienna U. to Produce 'Toilet With Brains' - Yahoo! News

RFID Toilet add-on H2Orb reminds you to 'shake the handle'

the Triumph of Technology Over Toilet Leaks and Overflows
The invention of H2ORB couldn't have come at a better time.
The system comes with two wireless sensors, which are attached to the toilet bowl and on the perimeter of the toilet tank, and monitor water flow.

The bowl sensor detects toilet bowl overflows. The dual tank sensors unit is attached to the rear of the toilet tank, with the sensor adjusted to the waterline mark.

When a problem does occur, either the bowl sensor or the dual tank sensors automatically send a signal to H 2 Orb. The signal tells H 2 Orb to stop water flow, sound an alarm (located on H 2 Orb) and activate the light alert, indicating a potential bowl overflow.

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