Friday, April 22, 2005

Home blood analyzer detects cancer

Portable Cancer Detector to Debut Next Year
By Na Jeong-ju
Staff Reporter

A team of Korean scientists has invented a portable medical kit that can detect various types of cancer and diabetes using a few drops of blood.

The craft, named ``Digital Bio Disc'' because it looks like a compact disk (CD) player, is expected to open the way for people to check themselves for diseases without going to the doctor.

The medical sensation is designed to find some elements in the blood related to the illnesses. A fast-moving disk-shaped device in the machine separates the elements and then sends them to a sensor to check if they match genetic information about the diseases. People can see the result through the screen about 40 minutes after putting in their blood, according to researchers.

``All you need is a few drops of blood and some simple knowledge of cancer and diabetes,'' the 40-year-old scientist told The Korea Times. ``Just like operating a CD player, you push the button and wait for a result. But this is just for checking, not for treatment.''

``We plan to release the first batch of the product as early as next year after getting permission for the sale from the government.''

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