Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mobile phone predicts your future

Zenitum Entertainment Computing, a Seoul based local startup company, announced Wednesday its new mobile entertainment service called “Mobile Face Reading.”
Based on the traditional face reading rule, the service can read fortune out of a face in a photo taken by camera phones. The user needs to take a picture with her camera phone and upload it to the service via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

From the service, users can get a “Whole Year Fortune,” “Romantic Relationship,” “Women-Only Fortune,” “General Everyday Fortune,” and “Erotic Forecasts.” Especially, with one more photo of your lover, the service let you know whether you are made for each other.

zenitum service

“Since the most Asian mobile markets are moving toward to 3G, operators in the countries are eager to adopt new way of entertaining their subscribers with heavy data traffic generation.” He also adds “Soon, Zenitum’s services will generate much profit from these countries.”

Last year, the company established the legal presence in Delaware, USA and looking forward to launch the services for general population in the US, too.

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