Monday, April 18, 2005

Tabletop 3D Display

Toshiba Corp. has developed a display technology that allows 3D images to be viewed on a flatbed display. All the various conventional 3D displays developed thus far were upright displays. By switching the way displays are placed, "We can offer the touch of depth with reality," said a company spokesperson.

The article says that human perception makes the tabletop display more effective than 3D on a vertical screen. A veiwer does not imagine a real 3D effect on a vertical screen because in their mind there is infinite space behind the screen, according to the article. But images on a table seem much more natural. The article says, "Toshiba believes that "3D displays will change into a must tool from a favorable function," owing to this reality effect." Which, I guess, means that they expect sales to be good.

3D Display
One object is real, others are display

Toshiba Develops Flatbed 3D Display


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