Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Audible Post-it notes

VoiSec - talking notes as easy as can be!

VoiSec is a small - 4 cm - button. It is basically a sound recorder and player which is easy to attach to other objects. It is extremely easy to use and has good sound quality.

VoiSec is a tiny button for recording, storing and playing short spoken messages with a good quality of sound.


Product facts at a glance

*Measures: diameter 42 mm, total height (mounted in tray) 18 mm
*Capacity: 1 minute of speech with a good quality of sound
*Runtime: typically 400 playouts of a 30 seconds message (volume dependant)
*Power supply : 2 replaceable 1.5 volts buttoncell batteries.
*Attachment means: VoiSec is delivered with 1 tray and 5 double-sided adhesive patches.

VoiSec -talking notes made easy


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