Saturday, March 26, 2005

Flying windmills


Flying windmills by Lawrence Solomon
Don't like fossil fuels? Nuclear power? Hydro dams? Go fly a kite. Really. The next great energy technology may well involve implausible-sounding machines called Flying Electric Generators, windmills 30,000 feet high and tethered to the ground by power lines. These windmills would capture the plentiful power in the strong, steady winds that blow in the jet stream.

No pollution. No greenhouse gases. No hazard to birds. Enough energy to meet the world's needs many times over. And costs that are projected at one to two cents a kilowatt hour, far less than that of existing fuels.

Flying Power Plant

The visionaries floating these ideas are no crackpots. Inventor Bryan Roberts, an Australian engineer.
David Shepard, co-CEO with Roberts of Sky WindPower Corporation, the machine's corporate developer

Urban Renaissance Institute - Flying windmills


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