Friday, March 25, 2005

The Dawn of the Aluminum Economy

Here's a new idea for a battery which, if true, could render hydrogen fuel cells obsolete before they even get off the ground.

The web page is a bit suspicious because it really does not give any of the details of how the aluminum battery works. It refers to Swedish patent applications which are in Finnish.
It appears like the purpose of the web page is raise money for further development.

If it is a battery with twenty times the capacity of current technology then it would be a real discontinuity.

This colorful graphic shows a comparison of battery technologies:
Watt-hr per weight along the y-axis, Whatt-hr per volume along the x-axis. Unfortunately it does not show hydrogen fuel cell.

Battery Technology Comparison

Judge for yourself...
Ab Europositron Oy
Ab Europositron Oy


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