Thursday, May 05, 2005

Spogger - Another way to share

I don't know. These community, tagging, sharing things keep popping up all over the place. How do you keep them from being taken over by buy-this-now! and other morons.

Great Picture. This sure will help to rent the condo.

Spogger is a platform for real-time visual information and news provided and managed by the user community.

Using this free service, people help each other find and share visual information, such as bargains at a garage sale, traffic conditions on the highway, lunch specials of the day, take-out menus, how crowded the movie theater is, what's on sale at the store, events and happenings, product images, weather conditions of an area, neighborhood around a hotel or rental, surf conditions and many others.
Spog is short for 'spot log' and it is a picture that says 'This is something I spotted that others might find useful to see'.



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