Sunday, February 27, 2005

Lead In The Environment Causes Violent Crime

Science Daily Article
Exposure to lead may be one of the most significant causes of violent crime in young people, according to one of the nation's leading researchers on the subject.

In a 1996 Pitt study of 301 children, those with the highest concentrations of lead – still below government-recommended safe levels – had tests scores showing more aggression, attentional disorders and delinquency. In 2002, those findings were extended to show that the average bone lead levels in 190 adjudicated delinquents was higher than normal controls. The results indicated that between 18 and 38 percent of all delinquency in Pennsylvania's Allegheny County, which includes Pittsburgh, could be due to lead. Additionally, a number of recent studies have shown a strong relationship between sales of leaded gasoline and rates of violent crime.


File this under "The environment and it's effects on society."
Think of the impact that youth violence has on a community!
The article states that they have identified between 18 and 38 percent of violent youth could be caused by lead. I would argue that is a large enough percentage to be the root cause of most of the youth violence in a community. Kids will join in with the strong and violent leaders.

Lead In The Environment Causes Violent Crime, Reports University Of Pittsburgh Researcher


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