Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hamster Orchestra

Hamster Band

I saw this originally in a Slashdot entry.

This is a midi-controller that is operated by the movement of hamsters. Six hamsters control three voices. Each voice has a hamster for the rhythm and one for the tone.
Details of the design are described.
A video and mp3 of the hamster band performing are available on the website. It is not exactly top40 but it would fit into any collge radio station playlist.

This is a wonderful use of modern technology.

I can picture hamster music becoming popular with a certain crowd. Maybe they would meet at hamster bars and gel quietly to the groove. This first ground-breaking band is sort of jazz, but it won't be long before the bad-boy hamster punk bands or the sappy pop Hamster Idol bands break.

MEng project: lil2


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