Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Pass-thoughts" Thinking To Unlock Your Door

Canadian researchers hope to soon be able to use brain waves to unlock doors and get access to bank accounts.
Julie Thorpe, a researcher at Carleton University in Ottawa wants to take the idea much much further.

She says it is possible to do away with key cards, pin numbers and a litany of other security tools that allow people to retrieve bank money, access computer data or enter restricted buildings.

"A user would simply think their password," said Thorpe, who hopes to develop the first biometric security device to read your mind to authenticate users.

Her research builds on other efforts to develop rudimentary brain-computer interfaces to help paralyzed patients control their environment and communicate.
Whereas slight differences in brainwave patterns created difficulties for researchers trying to build universal tools that could translate thoughts into computer commands, these peculiarities make brainwaves ideal for security applications, Thorpe said.

"You could use a sound or music or childhood memory as your pass. You could even flash someone an image to help them remember their passthought," she said.

Researchers seek brain wave access to bank accounts and homes

Passthoughts: Authenticating With Our Minds (pdf)


At 12/14/2005 06:48:00 PM, Blogger Dave said...

I've been working on fixing security issues which provide safety yet ease of access for users. So far the only solution that has seemed successful is creating an environment in which individuals have no desire to look, steal or molest others. Working in my basement I have indoctrinated several people with values which respect privacy.
The procedure involves taking people off the streets, forcing them to view wholesome images while tranquil music plays in the background.
So far the only side affect seems to be bed wetting, which only afflicts 11% of the test subjects. I'm hoping to reduce that to less than 1% by replacing images of puppies with roses.


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