Friday, April 08, 2005

Eminem Tops UK Ringtone Charts

Billboard has been publishing the Top Ten Ringtone Chart since last October or so. I did not realize though, that ringtones are such a big business. This article talks about when pop songs become ringtone hits. I wonder about when ringtones become pop radio hits. Do I hear cross-over magic in the ringtone classic "Nokia Default B - Soft tone"?

Here are some excerpts from an article at

The Ringtone Music Revolution
Submitted by Mike Grenville on Fri, 08 Apr 2005 12:01

A report from mobileYouth says that ringtones will revolutionise the future face of music - a market already worth £150 million and Top of the UK operator Ringtone Chart in February was Eminen again.

New research conducted by mobileYouth reveals that young people in the UK will spend £150 million on ringtones, ring-back tunes and downloading full songs directly onto their mobile phones in 2005, a figure that is set to double to £300 million by 2007.

With CD single sales still in decline, the ringtone looks set to become the number one marketing tool for record companies and artists to launch the CD album. As a result, mobileYouth reports that in future the playback of music on mobile phones will have a significant influence on how music is developed and marketed.
With the global market for ringtones and mobile phone downloads to be worth in excess of £2 billion, the incentive is there for record labels and artists to develop music that will complement its release as a ringtone or real tone. The amount of money spent on mobile phone music downloads will this year account for 16% of the entire amount spent on music. By 2007 this will increase to almost a quarter of all music spend.

mobileYouth believes that the evident popularity of mobile music downloads could yet lead to further implications for the future, as whole genres of music, such as rock and guitar, which do not convert well into ringtones disappear. [Ringtones killed the video star]

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Billboard US Top Ten Ringtones


At 4/08/2005 08:16:00 AM, Anonymous Vanilla Ice said...

Seriously, this is the best opportunity in years for true artists to get free of exploitation from crass commercialization and get back to their roots.


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