Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What are we talking about?

GAP - Global Attention Profiles

I guess this website has been around for a few years but I have never seen it before.
It plots the attention paid to each country in the world each day. You can select maps for a bunch of different sources: BBC, NYTimes, GoogleNews, etc.
It also has maps showing the ratio of the number of references to the national GDP or population of each country.
Dark red shows the most attention to dark blue is least.

GAP for Google News Mar 15, 2005

Their words:
GAP - the Global Attention Profiles project - tracks the attention that selected news media outlets pay to different nations of the world. A set of automated programs performs 1700 web searches every day to determine what nations news media outlets are paying the most attention to and presents this information in table and map form. GAP also correlates media attention to different development statistics, including national GDP and population. GAP maps of media attention include maps of the relationship between attention and GDP or population.

GAP - Global Attention Profiles


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