Monday, February 21, 2005

Genetic Savings and Clone: No Pet Project

Here is an article from Technology about Genetic Savings and clone. The article gives a brief history of the company and its founder, John Sperling.
The company was set up to clone pets. The first cat clones were proudly announced but they did not look at all like the "parent" cat.

I am a little confused about the desire to clone cats. Sure they develope a personality but I doubt very much if their behavior is passed to the clones. I found my cat when he was a very small kitten. He had been seperated from his stray mother and siblings. Every few months there would be another litter of clone-like copies of him running around the neighborhood. He would watch them with well-fed disdain from our porch.
My point is that there are alot of identical cats running around free and it seems a little extravagant to clone one.

Genetic Savings and Clone: No Pet Project


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